I’ve already read a pile of books by Kimselius about Theo and Ramona. They are a couple of time travelling kids and they are almost killed in every book.
I had already read about the French revolution before, and I knew for a fact that once you are taken out from the wagon and up to the platform, there is absolutely zero chance of survival. Any fiction’s depiction of a last second save is utterly unhistoric and totally impossible.
So when Theo is caught up in the frenzy amd brought to be executed, I was thinking to myself “Oh my, will I notice a Kimselius unhistorical blunder?” I had honestly never before seen her do historical mistakes. But it really looked like she put herself in a pickle. She can’t possibly kill off the protagonist (plus, I knew there were additional books in the series), but neither can she let him survive at this point and be historically correct.
You know what? She solved it. In a way that was totally unexpected to me. My jaw just dropped. She was able to be historically accurate and still let him survive! I suggest you learn Swedish and read the book just to figure out what it was. Totally worth it. 😁